The summer at Alternatives has been jam packed with fun! Our participants have visited wonderland a few times, and we are looking into getting Season Passes for everyone. This summer we had 3 summer students hired with the grant from HRDC: Danny, who used his background in Kinesiology to run Fun and Fitness with Heather and Sensory Stimulation with Lani; Lauren, who used her background in Theatre Studies to do the second musical production Alternatives has ever had: Grease; and Isabel, who used her background in Art to develop an art project every week that included all of our participants.
Lauren returned for the second year in a row as a summer student. Her first year with Alternatives, she directed High School Musical with all the participants. This year, Lauren wrote, produced and directed Grease. Throughout the summer we had all kinds of activities planned by our students that expanded the programming options for our participants. We were so lucky to have such wonderful students. Alternatives welcomes students and volunteers all year round, if you know anyone interested please contact us at
On Lauren and Danny’s last day, the participants and staff spent all day at the park having a water fight and having a nice lunch. It was such a fun day, that Alternatives decided to throw another picnic in the park on Thursday, August 20 and invite all of their friends and family. The largest water balloon fight will take place, and a BBQ will be had with all kinds of food. In true Alternatives style, it is our hope to start a traditional BBQ and continue growing it each year. Join us at the Doctor’s Park in Woodbridge, for $10.00 per person on Thursday, August 20, 2015.