PROGRAMS at Creating Alternatives

We Provide:

  • Personalized Individual Plans
  • Community Involvment: Local University Gym, Dance and Fitness Studio & Local Library
  • Fitness (Gym on-site), Healthy Living, Nutrition and Holistic Wellness Approach
  • Reading, Writing, Math, Time and Money Management
  • Community and Work-Skills Training and Facilitation
  • Sensory Stimulation, Relaxation and Social Development
  • Gift, Party and Event Planning
  • Hygiene, Personal Space and Building Relationships
  • Grocery Shopping, Transportation, Laundry, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning
  • Art, Music, Drama
  • Group Outings: Musicals, Plays, Concerts, Attractions

Each participant has a personalized program based on assessments done at Intake, as well as annually with their families. All programs are designed to develop communication, social skills, life skills, maturity and empowerment. Our mission is to help each person we assist to develop independence while actively contributing to their community.

Program components are as follows, but not limited to:

Vocational, Community and Job Experience Opportunities

  • Chocolate Concepts Inc. 

An on-site work skills training centre allows for program participants to learn on the job experience. Individuals begin working at Chocolate Concepts Inc. to evaluate their workplace skills. Once they are “job-ready”, Alternatives will advocate on their behalf in the community and when possible, find a placement suitable for the skills they exhibit

  • Community Connections

Participants are offered opportunities to experience a variety of vocational and volunteer opportunities within the community. Through various community partners, participants are provided with meaningful activities and opportunities to volunteer or work within their community. Sign up to be a community partner.

  • Recreation

Everyone likes to have a good time, and at Alternatives we ensure that all participants have an opportunity to attend a variety of in-house and community based activities with a focus on ‘fun’! Recreation activities are also a good time to continue to develop social skills, communication skills and build on relationships. Participants have the opportunity to attend various recreational programs offered in the community.  Programs are used as a means of increasing community awareness, promoting healthy lifestyles and friendships as well as social skills development.

Literacy and Continuing Education

This program focuses on engaging participants in a variety of functional literacy based activities which promote development in reading, writing, comprehension and numeracy skills.

  • Adult Continuing Education

Working in a group setting and using variety of materials, participants have the opportunity to develop reading, numeracy and money concept skills. This program component ensure skills learned in school remains throughout adulthood.

  • Computer and technology training

Participants interested in developing computer skills have the opportunity to work on a variety of programs designed to increase overall computer and technology skills. Cellphone, Ipad and Photography training are large aspects of this program.

  • “News and Views”

This is a time for program participants to learn about and reflect on current issues in the news. Politics, Entertainment and Sports are popular topics for discussion.

Fun, Fitness and Healthy Habits

  • Health and Wellness 

Through this program, all participants are encouraged to develop healthy lifestyle habits and increase personal health awareness. Personal care, hygiene, and health are aspects of this program.

  • Fitness

Weight management is taught through various cardio and weight training methods. Our fitness program includes weight training, yoga, cardiovascular exercises, dance, stretching,  nutrition and so much more!

  • Food Preparation 

Participants have the opportunity to work with various recipes, prepare ingredients and complete small meal preparations.

  • Home care

In this aspect of the Creating Alternatives program, participants are encouraged to be independent with certain tasks at home. Participants are taught emergency preparedness like fire safety, or how to deal with emergencies at home. Daily chores are also promoted within this program, i.e. cleaning up after meals, mopping, sweeping, and other household chores.

Sensory Stimulation Program

  • Arts Program

This program provides the participants with opportunities to express themselves through various art forms. Participants have the opportunity to take part in various forms of arts including music, dance, painting and other canvas works and drama and as well as attend and create various theatre productions.

  • Multi-Sensory 

Relaxation techniques make up this programming option. We offer program participants the ability to relax in a calming area where they learn a multitude of ways to de-stress and learn about themselves. Some aspects to this program include: crafting, beauty salon, karaoke, and light and sound stimulation

Monthly Events

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Creating Alternatives LotteryMarch through December 2, 2018

Creating Alternatives 17th Annual Charity Golf Classic & DinnerSeptember 12, 2018

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon with the Alternatives Amazing AthletesOctober 21, 2018

Creating Alternatives Annual Holiday PartyDecember 2, 2018

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