Vocational, Community and Job Experience Opportunities

Chocolate Concepts Inc. 

An on-site work skills training centre allows for program participants to learn on the job experience. Individuals begin working at Chocolate Concepts Inc. to evaluate their workplace skills. Once they are “job-ready”, Alternatives will advocate on their behalf in the community and when possible, find a placement suitable for the skills they exhibit

Community Connections

Participants are given the opportunity to experience a variety of vocational and volunteer opportunities within the community. Through various community partners, participants are provided with meaningful activities and opportunities to volunteer or work within their community. Skills including resume building, time management, and job appropriateness are practised and discussed. This program places emphasis on developing community linkages through community centres, libraries, several volunteer organizations, etc., while encouraging individuals in using their unique strengths to make contributions in many other areas of their community.

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Building Relationships

The Building Relationships program fulfils a small group setting of no more than four individuals, promoting a quieter, more intimate program that focuses on fortifying existing friendships, building new comradeship and improving decision-making skills.  This program fosters a space of belonging and acceptance, while each member learns to respect and appreciate each other’s abilities and contributions.  Participants in this group have the responsibility of collaborating with each other in choosing the activities, outings and plans for their day, independently, encouraging each member to take a hands-on initiative.

Arts Program

This program provides the participants with opportunities to express themselves through various art forms and partake in a variety of artistic productions. Participants have the opportunity to take part in and attend various forms of performing arts programs including music, dance, singing, drama, as well as participating in a production role, behind the scenes, including DJ, lights, MC and music creation.  Various types of tactile art activities including painting, drawing, canvas works, clay workings, sensory art, and more, are explored in the arts program.


Relaxation, regulation and personal quiet time encompass this programming option. We offer program participants the ability to relax in a calming sensory area where they learn a multitude of ways to practice emotional and social self-regulation.  Our sensory (Snoezelen) room includes a multitude of resources promoting sensory stimulation and improving fine motor skills.  Some aspects of this program include light and sound stimulation, tactile/sensory objects, bean bag cushions, and weighted blankets, housed in a colourful, intimate space.