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We know that our efforts are only possible because of the contributions we receive from generous donors like you, and we thank you again for believing in and supporting our mission.

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Why Give?

As a private not for profit, Creating Alternatives is not a government funded agency. We are a traditional family centered atmosphere that caters our program to the needs of all of the individuals we service. Every program participant has a voice, and it responsible for the direction of their program.

By giving to the Creating Alternatives Day Program you help to alleviate the financial strain on families in our community by helping them attend a worthwhile day program. All of the proceeds raised through fundraising come back to the program to help develop different types of resources or programming options for our program participants.

Participants pay a fee for service based on the needs identified during their Intake Assessment. Most program participants are on wait lists for funding from the government that are allocated to priority individuals assessed on an emergency basis – when government funding isn’t available families pay out of pocket.

Families often work 40+ hour work weeks to support their household, and then come home to their adult children who might exhibit behavior challenges. Day programming provides temporary relief to families in need. In addition to day programming, families often pay for: additional care, residence, accessible transportation, modifying their homes to become accessible, special meals, extracurricular activities, behaviour support services, therapy, and more!

By supporting Creating Alternatives, you help us provide a vital quality service, and expand our programming so that we can help our community.

Don’t forget about us when you decide to give!

Honorariums and Bequests

In honor of you, Creating Alternatives will dedicate a program component. Let us know how you’d like to be remembered forever.

Individual or Group Donations

Every donation over $20 will receive a tax receipt made out to the contributor. Tax receipts can be used for personal or business tax deductions. Every contributor will receive a thank you from our program participants.

In memory of

When a loved one passes away individuals choose Creating Alternatives to contribute to as their charity of choice. We take care of the display and provide you with an informational package to distribute

In lieu of wedding or party favors

By being your charity of choice, your guests will receive a gift packaged by our program participants in the Chocolate Concepts Inc. work skills training facility thanking them for their contribution to the Creating Alternatives Day Program

You can also Volunteer

Your time is just as valuable to us and our participants. If you wish to volunteer follow this link to our Get Involved page where you will find resources and information for how you can help us.